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tv   Mad Money  NBC  September 6, 2012 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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looks lovely. >> you look great, amy. next up is leah. she has the florals on. >> floral is something we did see in spring and summer and transitioning into fall. it has a nice dark background. elsie jean, available at macy's, $78. >> are they comfy? you like them? jeans when they cut you in a weird place, you don't want to wear them because they don't feel good. >> you definitely want to be comfortable. >> thank you. come on, irene. she is next. she is wearing houndstooth. >> irene is in our menswear trend. houndstooth is what we will focus on. we can find this in plaids, herringbone and houndstooth is
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the most flattering. this is something she can wear on a casual friday, and she can transition this into tonight, throw on a jacket and ready for boot night. >> the boots are $179, and the same designer as kathie lee. >> very nice. we have a special model coming out. hi, sara. she's in an h & m metallic jean, $34. total steal. this is something she can wear date night, girl's night out and transitions into holidays, wonderful, too. >> those are fun. >> instead of wearing your basic black pants to a holiday. >> would you wear those? >> i would have never picked them but when i put them on, i like them. >> they match your hair. >> they sure do. let's bring everybody out. >> thank you, everybody and thank you, lindsey. >> all right. marriage, children, work and everything else in your busy life kind of wearing you down? >> you think? how to bring happiness back into your life.
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good morning. i'm crystal egger with your forecast. we'll start with this afternoon, there will be showers and stormts across the high plains with the next cold front, cooling off temperatures quite a bit. we'll have a few isolated showers across the southeast, even in the charlotte area, that's why president obama's speech has been moved indoors. 92 in washington, 92 in louisville, hot and humid and pop-up showers. temperatures are well into the triple digits, texas oklahoma, arkansas, even northern louisiana. keep in mind you add in the humidity and the heat indices are going to be even higher than that. friday gets a lot busier across the western lakeses and down tots midwest. we'll take some of this rain as we're in a severe drought across the heartland. again, accompanying a severe
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threat. 72 in billings for friday, still hot hot hot in the southern plains, 87 in louisville. we'll have the 80s and 90s across the east and we'll track this system as it moves that way and brings more scattered showers and storms, unsettled weather for saturday, sunday we trim down, where most of these showers are it clears out in atlanta and places like louisville. monday looking quiet across much of the country from the east to the west. 76 in los angeles and a nice 76 in louisville. still pretty hot and muggy across the gulf coast. here's your tuesday outlook, tuesday a few showers over the colorado rockies. we'll be wautching the tropics, something to tune in for as we track two systems in the atlantic. you can always "wake up with al" and stephanie weekday mornings 6:00 and 10:00 a.m. right here on the weather channel. every time someone chooses finish over cascade,
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who wouldn't want to be a little happier? something gretchen ruben has taken to heart. her best-selling book "the happiness project" takes on monthly resolutions ziep design improve lives. >> now she has a new follow-up book called "happier at home." read samuel johnson and my other experiments in the practice of everyday life. >> it's been nice having you. >> i know, i went a little nuts on the title and got it all end. >> why did you decide to write another follow-up? >> i had such great experience with my happiness project, but i realized i wanted to go more narrow and deeper into this idea of home. i realize so many elements of the happy life for me and most people converge at home. once i had the idea to do it, i just became preoccupied with what could i do to be preoccupied at home.
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that's what matters most. >> let's go through that list and tell us why samuel johnson will make us happier? >> samuel johnson, when i read him, i feel like i understand myself better. everybody has those people that resonates with them. >> soup for the soul. >> samuel johnson isn't for everyone but -- >> find that person for you. >> it's interesting. people say possessions don't make you happier it's not what you have but who you have. you say there are some possessions that make you happy. >> for most of us, there are some possessions that make you happier. they are precious to us, look like old warm mugs or old tattered chair but remind us of the people and activities and places we love and allow us to project ourselves into our environment and remind us what's important to us. getting rid of everything you don't use, don't love -- >> that can make you happier. >> it is, right. >> especially if somebody else could use it, that's the greatest feeling.
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>> what i found, if you know who you can give something to, it's easier to get it out of your house. go and live a happier life somewhere else. >> like the salvation army. amazing. >> so many things are little things. you pay attention to your good-byes. when leaving a family gathering, don't say, did so-and-so leave? i sneak out. >> hoda does drive by s. >> i want the atmosphere in my home to be attentive engaged feeling. hello and good-bye is a way to check in every time you come and go. it's easy. doesn't take time and money. give it a shot. >> do you believe some people are innately happy?
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>> 50% is hardwired and the other percent is controlled by what we do and how we think. >> some of it, you're born a tigger or eyore. hardwired. >> you say abandon a project. >> i thought this was my private pathology. turns out a lot of people have this. you start something and lose interest, it's harder than you thought. >> dump it? >> dump it. that knitting project and have beer in your bathroom, i will do that scrapbook for my daughter's senior year and now she's out of college. >> it doesn't matter. if you don't have the passion for it, it doesn't matter. >> you keep it and it weighs on your conscious and on the shelves. i had it with origami, we're not going to do it. give it to my daughter's art teacher.
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on "today's" kitchen, what's cooking? it's dinnertime and you have to whip up something quick and healthy your family likes without spending a lot of dough. the author of "10 dollar dinners." she is here. she is melissa! >> are you serious about the $10 for this entire meal? >> i couldn't be more serious. there are some tricks. for instance, we are going to take the classic standby inexpensive meal, meatloaf and give it an ethic twist.
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we will start with eggs, go in with ginger, cinnamon and cumin. >> what is cumin? >> cumin is going to give it a lot of earthyness. >> hoda, hold up -- you're funny telling me. that is funny, hoda. >> what's great about this is you're going to get some interesting new flavors into a package that your kids will already know and love. this is a great way to introduce a new flavor. >> i find kids don't like new stuff, you know, you have to sneak it in. >> you have to give them something they can identify with, like a meatloaf or meatballs. then put in the new flavor. >> it's coagulating. >> we're adding in cilantro and instead of breadcrumbs, i'm using oats. >> look, she pulsed out some oats. >> a little bit of oats for heart health. >> it's coagulating. why is that happening? >> why are you saying that word. >> coagulating is not often used
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on cooking shows. >> i just used it. i will use it again. it's coagulating! >> i tell you what, i will stop you. at home, just go ahead and dig your hands in it. >> not now. or now. now is good. >> so now what do we do? >> here is my trick. you know on meatloaf, you get the great crust on the top and the rest is a little bit soggy. here is my trick. i line a meatloaf plan with the plastic. look. i flip it over, i pull it out. look. now, i've got three sides of crust and fabulousness. and it's a perfect shape. >> see. >> you know, there's the stuff my mother use, i'm trying to remember the name, kitchen bouquet. have you ever used kitchen bouquet? it makes such a great crust. try that on the top. you can learn something too once in a while. >> you know what, i will try kitchen bouquet. >> it gives such a great crust, honestly. >> this is kind of ketchupy
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glaze except i added in a little bit of cinnamon and lemon zest. and glaze it up, into the oven. on the side, i'm making stuffed veggies. take any veggies you get at the farmer's market, scoop out the inside, cook up the inside. here's what's great. just moisten it with bolger. >> what is bolger? >> a grain. super cheap, in the grain aisle. mix it up in here and then stuff it in. you know. that's also an option. >> let's eat. >> when you bake it, let me show you what it comes out to be. look at that. inexpensive, perfect $10 dinner, the meatloaf, my bread pudding, my secret is raspberry jam instead of fresh raspberries. >> look at that! don't forget, we are searching for a college campus with spirit.
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>> tweet the name of your school telling us why we should pick your campus, everybody. >> hashtag, klgandhodau, like your campus, everybody. >> hashtag, klgandhodau, like university. -- captions by vitac -- i'm jim cramer. welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game. >> firms are going to go out of business, and he's nuts. they're nuts. they know nothing. >> i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. >> "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you a ttle money. my job isn't just to entertain but to educate you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. the moment i read the news about federal express blowing up last night, wall street speak for missing the numbers horribly, i began to dread today's session. what company touches more
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consume rs and businesses large or small than fedex? i uh expected the market to be obliterated. [ sell, sell, sell ] [ house of pain ] yet what did we get? the dow rallied 12 points. the s&p losing just .11%. minuscule. i have been schooled. i know you don't want to hear about how confused i am, how mystified. you want me to explain what happened in a way that makes it clear and rational. if you read my midnight tweets @jimcramer about how fedex's blown quarter was like a running back with a blown knee going into the big fantasy game or the big game between the cowboys and giants meaning a tough session ahead of us then you know i got the market wrong. hey, i don't like being wrong. i don't like thinking federal express can preannounce negative earnings and out barely affects the averages.
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the dow didn't go down. uh-uh prefer markets that are predictable, logical. this one is not acting like any other market i can recall because of the myriad other times fedex missed the mark. almost every single time it brought the whole stock market down hard. that's how integral the company is to the transport index which you know i follow. part of the process of uh trying to be a good investor is to figure out where you went wrong, as painful as it is. especially when you are in front of a camera. what made you -- meaning me -- so sure fedex would impact the market at all. why didn't it do what i thought? out's like solving a homicide that didn't occur. so let's get to the noncrime scene. first federal express fell little on the news dropping only $1.74, 2%.
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my thinking when i tweeted last night would be fedex would fall three or four bucks. isn't that monumental? the company talked about worldwide slowing saying people don't want to pay up for next day shipping. that's not good at all. fedex might be caught up in the same so bad that it's positive vortex that it's affecting so many other stocks now. the idea that the future could be brighter than the past in central banks around the globe. attempt to save the debt. [ buy, buy, buy ] in fact, fedex may be the perfect microcosm of the moment. some believe at this time tomorrow we'll know the european central bank is getting european economies growing again. ♪ hallelujah if you think that's going to happen, you've got to say, all right, let me think. how do i play it?
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what stock would most benefit from the ecb doing the right thing. we need a stock that benefits from a rapid increase in commerce. worldwide. we need a stock that's global in reach. one that can capitalize off more business activity. we need a stock where the bad news is known but the good news isn't factored in yet. hey, we need fedex. in other words you don't want to sell this stock if you think the good central bank news is coming. you will sell a stock barely up for the year that's leveraged to play a return to robust global growth. you would sell it at a discount to where it would be if the ecb says anything good at all. second, as much as i did think it was big news it wasn't like the preannouncement was a true shocker to those who followed the group closely. six weeks ago, united parcel, a little pin action here. they trade together. told us pretty much exactly what
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fedex said. plenty of people must have expected the news and didn't regard it as news. just confirmation of what u.p.s. told us in july. the companies aren't that different in terms of reach or profit margin. not like the stocks levered to better economic news. they have been on fire lately. suddenly they were hit by the fedex 2 x 4. in the last ten days caterpillar went from 90 to 82. they were up nine cents today. why else didn't we go down? when i try to predict the market direction there was only one indicator. i watched the jjc. that's a metal incredibly sensitive to growth in china. i watched the fse which measures the strongness or weakness of the euro. as negative as fedex might be to
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the overall scheme of things in a global economy. strong copper could mean the chinese communists -- don't want to use the american flag. hey, a shoe horn. communists mean a stronger economy because they will do something. the chinese communists take part of the world metal. while fedex is a global company we are worried about europe first and china second. they are flashing green, not red all day. finally there are enough good things happening domestically that we are willing to isolate fedex as an international debacle, not domestic. if we are investigating a noncrime like the lack of a market homicide maybe we should call today's action law and order suv instead of svu.
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suv sales have been off the charts. that's fabulous auto sales at a pace of 14.5 million cars sold. that's a boom time figure, not a slow down. we didn't get many earning reports but we got dollar general and cons and they were strong. you could say it's redistributing the economy where people go to dollar stores. i i say out's still consumers spending. conn's is goods for homes including furniture and bedding, not b-e-t-t-i-n-g. like dollar general it reported better than expected earnings and boosted the forecast. conn's was up huge, a reminder of the strength of the housing cycle around the country. housing and autos are huge. they are still accelerating, the numbers tell me. not declining. put it together and the down side surprise of federal express isn't much surprise at all. isn't able to counter a strong domestic retail or housing market along with a rise in copper and the euro saying europe could be doing the right
3:56 am
thing. there is enough hope out there courtesy of huge bond buying and pro growth policies from the european central bank. many market players must be thinking, huh, fedex, rear-view mirror, not forward. the other items seem to confirm the diagnosis. this is the bottom line of today. i don't like figuring wrong about a piece of corporate news. worse than getting it wrong is not figuring out why i got it wrong. i'm satisfied that i have come up with the answers unless, of course, european central bank does nothing good tomorrow. in that case we'll see hideous decline tomorrow we should have seen today. kevin in north carolina, please. kevin. >> caller: hey, good evening. >> good evening. >> caller: retired navy boo-yah to you. >> thank you for serving back at you, sir. how can i help? >> caller: thanks for the in the money call strategy. been very helpful. >> it's a way to hedge your bets. capture the upsides with less capital and don't get hit by the down side.
3:57 am
chipotle at 430 going to 280 and 370. what's up? >> caller: specifically want to ask about quest core, qcor. liked the technicals. got a position. all of the sudden, story pops and it pops. looks like they aren't going to have to pay money back to medicaid and significant upside going forward. thoughts? >> it's funny. i like to play with an open hand. the staff says i want to work on this, understand it. this is the most battleground oriented stock. i have people saying one thing. others say it's long. i have to have an answer. i have been working like a dog trying to figure it out. i can't make heads or tails of it. i will come back with an answer. david in utah. david. >> caller: boo-yah, jim!
3:58 am
>> boo-yah back. >> caller: i'm an action alerts member. i have been following your show for three years now. >> thank you. >> caller: i love getting back to even. >> what a great book. >> caller: thank you. i love your presentation and the care and respect you give the guests. >> i have guys and gals that are winners constantly. let's go to work. >> caller: i told hershey last month after making mad money and cocoa is way up today. >> still very close to the 52-week high. we need a 5 to 8% pull back. stephanie link on again today on "fast money" since she works with me. i have been at this a long time. on days i find confusing, i have to tell you, i play with an open hand. it is worth looking at why i was confused.
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there is a lot of craziness. fedex didn't bring the market down. there are enough reasons to convince me that maybe fedex is telling the truth about this market. "mad money" will be back. >> announcer: coming up, the s-word. some investors think it's filthy, but tonight cramer is showing you where smart speculation can pay off big. and later, huddle up. while most are focused on the rosters, tonight, cramer has an inside look at the financial side of football. it's the blocking and tackling behind one of the biggest brands in the world when cramer lines up with a starting member of the nfl management team just ahead. plus, fill her up? holly frontier has been in the sweet spot for refiners turning abundant oil into fuel for the nation's recovery.


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